Centurion Technologies: Securing Workstations with Robust Next-Gen Technology

Peter Spezza, CEO
One of the most perpetual and devastating internet security threats ever, ransomware attacks continue to unsparingly capitalize on businesses and home PCs alike, causing catastrophic damage like permanent loss of data. The recent WannaCry debacle had its fair share of victims ranging from schools, hospitals, and retailers. Such a scenario calls for a more robust technology as traditional security measures are often inadequate and futile against advanced ransomware attacks. Tampa, FL-based Centurion Technologies has taken stock of the situation early in the game, offering a combination of workstation security management software and a patented reboot/restore hard drive protection technology to guard computer systems.

Over a period of 17 years, Centurion has secured millions of computers by delivering advanced malware protection across domains such as education, public libraries, enterprise, government, healthcare, banking, and home environments. “Our goal is to make computing easy and secure by protecting against ransomware and malware and all unwanted changes to an installed instance, and ensuring that the systems are in pristine condition,” states Peter Spezza, CEO of Centurion Technologies. Centurion’s flagship solution, SmartShield—the next-gen endpoint security and protection software—has undergone multiple field tests over time to prove that it is extremely secure against all kinds of digital onslaughts, including internal security attacks.

A proven military-grade endpoint security product, SmartShield provides a comprehensive hard drive protection feature to ensure that all viruses, malicious user access, and accidental user errors are kept in check. Businesses can also prevent the unauthorized transfer of proprietary network information to external storage devices with the help of the software. SmartShield creates a virtual space, where any unwanted changes including ransomware are wiped away upon reboot, allowing the user to focus on the performance of their daily tasks, without compromising the integrity of the system. For educational institutions, the Screenview feature of “SmartShield Computer Protection for Education” allows teachers and administrators to continuously monitor all workstations in a classroom or lab in real time.

Everyone is vulnerable to ransomware. But with SmartShield, you are protected 100 percent of the time

Working alongside SmartShield is the SmartControl Resource Manager that allows educational institutions to remotely manage and customize all client instances, saving time, money, and resources. Resource Manager allows administrators to maintain workstation integrity by allowing them complete control over their network and the ability to simplify management tasks. Spezza says that any change to a workstation is regulated by secure system-generated passwords that expire after a fixed period of time. Role-based permissions can be used to reinforce an already robust security system further. These rights and permissions can be revoked remotely to secure the system against internal threats at any point in time, with the help of Resource Manager.

For instance, the Northern Lehigh School District leveraged SmartShield workstation security along with SmartControl to substantially minimize the manpower they spent on fixing the systems affected by intentional mishandling by students or otherwise. The underlying transparency of SmartShield coupled with the solution’s ability to automate the daily IT-related tasks made it easy for the school district to reap the benefits within a short timeframe.

SmartControl Resource Manager’s remote execution feature makes it easy to push updates and patches to the client workstations, along with options to alter certain configuration settings to optimize performance. Centurion recently released its Home Edition to offer protection to the home PC user as well. Spezza positions Centurion’s newest product as “the only consumer ransomware and malware protection available in the market today. Everyone is vulnerable to ransomware, and SmartShield Home Edition gives protection 100 percent of the time.”

Centurion Technologies

Tampa, FL

Peter Spezza, CEO

Delivers workstation security management software and advanced ransomware protection technologies for the education sector

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