Entrust Datacard: Empowering Customers to Create and Deliver Robust End-user Experiences

Today, connectivity has reached a critical tipping point, with the changes growing faster and the impacts more critical and more complex. “We all lead lives that are truly connected in every way,” begins Todd Wilkinson, President and CEO of Entrust Datacard. As consumers, we increasingly expect anytime-anywhere access and personalized service, whether at home, on-the go, or in a store or branch location; as citizens, we expect our governments to function in the same manner, offering same convenience while crossing the borders or accessing e-government portals; and as employees, we take advantage of mobile technologies and applications to access information and collaborate in more productive ways. Accelerating this connectivity presents new challenges as organizations strive to provide the convenient access while ensuring the security for sensitive data. Furthering the concerns, the rate of cybercrime is increasing 78 percent annually — at great costs.
Tackling these challenges is Entrust Datacard – a company that is helping secure all of these ecosystems while empowering the connected life— whether it’s making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks.

“Just as the connectivity of our world is transforming the way we live and work, this new understanding of security is impacting the very core of how organizations operate. Securityminded enterprises rely on Entrust Datacard to use our solutions as a foundation for identity and transaction infrastructures,” added Wilkinson.

Specifically, Entrust Datacard brings to market identity based solutions that revolve around trusted identity and secure transactions, making the anywhere-anytime experiences possible. Banks, governments, corporations, universities and other security-minded enterprises use their solutions to issue, manage and authenticate trusted identities; bring speed, simplicity and security to financial transactions; and build and optimize highly secure ecosystems.

The company has a strong heritage of innovation such as inventing the mass issuance of personalized credit cards and the first digital photo identification systems. They also provide flexible solutions that enable customers to choose from a variety of deployment and management models so that organizations can manage their business the way they want to while meeting business needs today and scaling with them in the future as market demands evolve. “The scalability of our identity-based solutions allows enterprises to respond quickly to changing security needs,” says Wilkinson.
CIO VendorTodd Wilkinson, President & CEO
With a far-reaching global presence, Entrust Datacard brings important new capabilities to tens of thousands of government agencies, financial institutions and other enterprises in more than 150 countries. With approximately 2,000 employees worldwide in 34 locations, the company’s solutions are used to issue millions of secure identities every day, manage billions of secure transactions annually, and issue a majority of the world’s financial cards. And, for the enterprise market, the company provides identity based solutions that streamline and safeguard access — to facilities, networks and the cloud — for employees, campus programs and students, as well as other authorized users. Specifically, for the educational sector, Entrust Datacard offers the best value in school ID card systems to protect students and staff. There are a myriad of current or potential card applications that can be used around campus, including a typical standard student ID card, as well as parking options, vending and cafeteria needs, bookstore, computer, and dormitory/housing access. The backbone to any campus card program is the technology that helps support the personalization, security and issuance of such cards. Entrust Datacard has the experience and deep knowledge of these programs and works with many educational facilities to optimize and secure their card and access programs.

Entrust Datacard has very compelling development and innovation efforts that are happening right now and will continue to bring exciting solutions to market. Their existing portfolio is expansive.

Going forward, Entrust Datacard will continue to engage in direct and open dialogue with its customers that will enable them to best understand the client’s unique business needs. “We plan to leverage our competencies in trusted identity and secure transactions to continue that legacy and empower the customers we serve in entirely new ways,” concludes Wilkinson.

Entrust Datacard

Todd Wilkinson, President & CEO

Offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure.