Smartvue: Leveraging Cloud in Campus Surveillance System

CIO VendorMartin Renkis, Founder & CEO
In 1999, Smartvue’s Founder and CEO, Martin Renkis launched the world’s first plug-and-play, hybrid cloud surveillance system. Today, Smartvue provides the most robust visual intelligence platform for large schools and campuses. Smartvue is the leading innovator in end-toend video surveillance solutions; from input devices such as surveillance cameras, cloud servers, and Camera to Cloud solutions to remote management and cloud video storage. “Aside from the processing power and scalability, the cloud also creates a cost-effective way to share software-based services,” states Renkis. Cloud technology also makes Smartvue’s solutions globally scalable, easy-to-extend, and simple-to-use, providing a functionality which no one else offers in the market. Smartvue helps in implementation, scalability, and utilization of IT for video surveillance in the security industry.

“We offer a centralized setup and management, making our solutions affordable and faster to implement; while providing customers with almost instant access to processing power and new data storage capabilities for video surveillance,” reveals Renkis. When it comes to scalability, Smartvue provides selfconfiguring and dynamically extendable services that address issues like manual configuration of systems to add cameras and storage. By utilizing cloud computing, the challenges of expanding video surveillance across large campuses have been greatly reduced. In addition, to curb shortcomings in providing proper hardware, processing, and storage for video surveillance, Smartvue’s Visual Intelligence solutions empower CIOs to optimize their utilization with on-demand resources.

Smartvue also leverages the computing power of the cloud to provide business intelligence tools that offer customer and employee behavior monitoring, consumer insights, and video analytics. With the growing use of mobile camera enabled devices, Smartvue also provides cloud powered surveillance devices and social surveillance, such as Contribute, which empowers staff, students, and security personnel with an application that connects any smartphone, tablet or computer cameras to the Smartvue surveillance network.
This new innovation allows users to share videos and photos, across a secure surveillance platform as events unfold. Smartvue’s open HD platform also allows campus authorities to choose the right camera, from the right manufacturer at the right price for unparallel image detail. The option of zooming in on faces to get evidence-quality images allows for easy identification of suspects, maintaining a safe school atmosphere.
In support of their sound credibility, the company has more than 27 patents and has won dozens of international awards and has over sixteen years of technological expertise.

By utilizing cloud computing and storage, the challenges of expanding video surveillance across large school systems or vast campuses has been greatly reduced

The company continues to deliver new visual intelligence technologies by working closely with its forward thinking customers, such as Microsoft. Strategic partners like Brivo— the leading cloud-based access control company, empower Smartvue to extend its visual intelligence platform into new markets and applications. “Smartvue has a very wide range of clients spanning across many industries, many of which have large multi-site campuses,” confirms Renkis. Their cloud surveillance network operates tens of thousands of cameras around the world and supports dozens of school campuses from Kansas City, Missouri and Sudbury, Massachusetts to Nashville, and Tennessee. The company also caters to a wide range of campus verticals, including school, healthcare and industrial campuses hosted by both corporate and government organizations.

In the coming years, Smartvue will continue to develop and innovate new Visual Intelligence solutions that leverage the cloud. “The Smartvue team is constantly identifying new opportunities for customers such as cloud powered social surveillance, wearable devices, video analytics, and robotics,” concludes Renkis.


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Martin Renkis, Founder & CEO

Provides end-to-end surveillance solutions which combine cost-effective network video recording devices and cloud management services.